We are Slot. A couple lifelong friends with a shared passion for the wild spirit of the desert and the good times and good memories it has brought to us and our friends over the years. What started as a nomadic tradition to escape the shoulder seasons of our hometown, has brought us to a place where our experiences have inspired a vision for the future of our desert escapades.

With a nod to the harsh and diverse demands of the desert, we set out to craft gear made specifically for its untamed landscape. With product rooted in innovation, creativity, performance, and art, we aim to inspire and equip a new generation of desert adventurers. Encouraging them to forge their own paths through the sands, embrace the good times, and create unforgettable memories away from the daily grind. Slot is on a mission to create a community that thrives on good vibes, good stories, and a love for long days under the sun and nights around a campfire.



Just the beginning.

The desert is expansive, and so is our product vision. We are continuing to dream, create, and innovate gear that allows you to fully experience what the desert has to offer. Onward...