How long will my order take to ship?

Orders placed before 12pm MST will ship out same day.

What's new with the 2023 Canyon Packs vs. 2022 Canyon Packs?

The 26L Canyon Pack comes in two additional colors: Black, White/Amber. Since it is such a popular pack for very tight and narrow canyons, the exterior zipper has been moved away from the exterior of the pack to keep it away from the abrasive canyon walls. We’ve also added 35% more drainage, upgraded zipper pulls and zippers, and a redesigned hydration port.

The Rapide 38L pack now comes in 2 two sizes, and two new colors: Black, and White/Amber. It also features 35% more drainage eyelets, upgraded zipper pulls and zippers, a redesigned hydration port, and removal of the exterior zipper so the SRS interior gear divider is on the inside of the pack just like the Guide 50L. 

The Guide 50L pack now comes in two sizes, and two additional colors: Black, and White/Amber. It also features 35% more drainage eyelets, upgraded zipper pulls and zippers, and a redesigned hydration port.

Is the Tower Rope Bag included with the Tower 36L pack?

No, the Tower Rope Bag is sold separately and can be found on the “climbing packs” page of our website.

How much rope fits in the Tower Rope Bag?

Up to an 80m 9mm rope.

Is the Tower Rope Bag compatible with all of your packs?

Yes. The Tower rope bag can attach to the back of the Hoodoo 22L, canyon 26L, Rapide 38L, and Guide 50L pack through the same loops that the wetsuit bag attaches.

Why do your canyon packs not have shoulder strap load adjusters (or load lifters)?

From Dave, our designer:

Load lifters are an integral part of many packs. I usually design packs with them. Bigger packs (bigger than 30L or carry more than 20 lbs) use load lifters off the top of shoulder straps to pull the load into the back. This requires a back structure of stays or a stiff panel to transfer ‘pull’ of load lifters down the back.

These packs are intended to be the best canyoneering packs available. Which means they have to carry well on the hike in, while scrambling, and stand up to the ‘teeth’ of being tossed, pulled and thrown through sandstone slots.

If a back panel stay or anything that creates an edge is designed into the pack it will isolate a wear area and blow thru very quickly. 

Our design statement was to build a bag that carried like a backpack with the durability of a haul bag. Our pack reviews rate our packs as ‘very comfortable’ and years of testing shows them to be durable.

What length rope fits in the 38L pack? 50L pack?

The Rapide 38L was optimized for 70m 8-9mm lines. We have carried 100m 8mm line but it was tight. Tested to fit harness / all harness gear, extra webbing and anchors, helmet, lunch, first aid, safety pack, extra shirt and jacket, and water for a full day.

The Guide 50L was designed and tested by guides. It carries two 60m lines or combinations similar. In addition to personal guiding gear, it has room for group rescue, first aid, safety and food. More pockets in lid help organize navigation items and admin items.

Do the packs come in more than one size? Will the packs fit me?

Our packs now come in 2 different sizes (SM/MD, MD/LG). The size chart found on our product pages has a detailed fit guide to help you determine the best pack size for you.

Is the wetsuit bag included with the packs?

No, the wetsuit bag is sold separately and can be found in the “Accessories” section or "Canyon Packs" section of our website.

Why does the 2022 Rapide 38L have a zipper on the exterior? Won't that get destroyed?

The zipper is specifically positioned in the lowest wear area of the bag. A zipper gives access to ‘gear side’ contents without having to open lid. Lid or brain also protects zipper when fastened. A zippered compartment simplifies the separation of rope and gear side used with the SRS System.

Do you have any retail location that I can go view the packs?

Yes. Check out our Find a Retailer section under the "Explore" tab.