Indian Creek to Moab on bikes

Dec 12, 2020 - A look back on a big day in the desert.

We rolled into Indian Creek the evening before the ride to camp. It was my dad, brother and I. Even though it was mid-December, camping felt like the right move. The drive in was timed nicely. We were surrounded by the big walls of the Creek encased in desert glow. Naturally, we stopped along the way to try and capture the light, but the camera never does it justice. It was cold, but this area always keeps the stoke high. We got to camp, made a fire, and tried to pretend it wasn't cold.

It was tough to get out of the sleeping bags in the morning but David would be rolling up to meet us soon so we had to start making moves. He showed up around 9am and we started pushing pedals. It was cold, and the tires and suspension felt stiff. Once we got pedaling and talking everything loosened up a bit. The first 10 miles were smooth and easy and mostly dry.

Around 11am, we started seeing snowflakes. About an hour later, it was snowing sideways to the point where we could barely see through our glasses. We still had a long way to go and things were starting to feel burly.

Our pace slowed but our spirits were solid. We were just hoping we were going the right way. We ate lunch at 1pm under an overhang as the snow continued to wet the ground. Bikes were getting dirty and seat droppers were freezing. When we started, David said he thought this day had the possibility of requiring all we had. It got some chuckles as this was the shortened version of thoughts of doing the White Rim. He knew its remoteness would be unforgiving. We were starting to catch on.

We pushed on, the snow stopped, and the sun came out. Just in time for the amazing views of the Colorado River that lasted for miles. The spirits of the crew were high and the body chill started to subside. Just in time for some technical, fun downhill as a result of getting a bit off track. Happy mistakes.

Soon we approached the heartbreaking climb up Hurrah Pass. The vibes were good but the legs not so much. Around half way up is where Josh and I came unhinged, and the old man strength of my dad and David prevailed. I hadn't had a proper bonk in a while, and the "I'm fine('s)" were coming out quickly and with a deep lack of soul. We were in it. But the sun got brighter and the views better so we soldiered up to the top where our grizzled elders stood confident with smirks plastered, and plenty to say. Fair play. The views from the top of the pass were amazing and made the suffer fest worth while.

The sun was starting to set as we began the decent down the backside of the pass. That was the coldest part of the ride by a long shot. We knew my wife was waiting a few miles down the road with a warm car and donuts. Those were a long few miles. But we got to the donuts, and were greeted by Brittany and a happy dog.

All in all it was a great ride. Super fun (a good chunk being type 2). There's something about big days in the desert that just feels good. This was for sure one of them.

Oh, and can't forget about chicken corner...

The Crew: Dave, Ben, Chris, and Josh.

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