Slot Pro Program

Pro Program Eligibility

We offer pro deals to key outdoor industry folks. It’s our hope that those who use our gear become lifelong advocates and help us grow and prosper in the outdoor community.

Our pro deal program is offered to those in the industry who’ve been good stewards in the outdoor community. We like people who volunteer, donate to outdoor recreation related causes, or pick up a shovel or trash bag and pitch in on trail work or cleanup days. If you’re that type, we encourage you to apply.

We reserve the right to adjust Pro pricing or revoke Pro benefits at any time. We want you to be stoked on our gear and community, and you can do that without telling everyone how much you paid for it. 

We’re a small company, so while we’ll try to get your application processed as quickly as possible, it can take up to two weeks. Please be patient and only contact us if you haven’t hear from us two weeks from the time you submitted your application.



Outdoor Industry Professionals 

Please apply with company-issued email and upload most recent paystub. Reciprocal deals for Slot employees are appreciated.

The following groups may qualify:
  • Active members of the Outdoor Industry Association
  • Outdoor education/leadership program instructors
  • Climbing gym staff
  • Outdoor gear shop staff/outfitters

Outdoor Guides

Please provide current guide accreditation. Guides:

  • ACA/ACMG/AMGA/IFMGA – must be certified as a guide, apprentice guide, or instructor
Other Guides:
  • Valid guiding license or certification if applicable
  • Recent paystub from reputable guide service or other documentation proving employment as a guide

Search and Rescue

Accepted credentials:

  • Certifications, preferably NASAR/MSAR
  • Local Search and Rescue ID

Pro Program Policies

Please remember to adhere to some of our basic pro membership rules:

  • This program is for individual use only. We can remove you from the program if you purchase product for friends or family, unless otherwise stated.
  • This program and your involvement should be kept private. Please do not discuss this program or pricing in public or with shops and outfitters. 
  • All pro orders must be processed through your online account. Your discount does not apply to purchases made through any Slot retailers.
  • Eligibility for the Slot Pro Program is subject to review after each year of participation or any time therein.