The Crew

Dave Schipper


Dave Schipper, our maestro of product and co-founder, has lived in Moab for the last 20 years exploring and living the desert life. He is an accomplished alpinist and adventurer and has likely designed and developed some of the product that you've used from your favorite outdoor brands. His property in Moab is appropriately named "The Compound." About as inclusive as they come, Dave has an eclectic mix of friends, climbers, mountain bikers, river rats, and friends of friends of friends coming through for a spot to crash almost daily during desert season. This type of inclusivity rooted in core desert culture is what our brand is all about.

Ben Conroy


Ben grew up in the mountain bike industry on the Front Range of Colorado, riding and racing bikes in the summer and snowboarding in the winter. Being Dave's nephew, desert trips have been a bi-annual tradition since childhood. As young kids him and his brother would check into "Camp David", led by uncle Dave. They would bike, hike, camp, explore canyons and learn about the deserts landscape and rich history. This tradition curated the love and appreciation he now holds for the desert. His desert time these days mostly consists of bikes, climbs, canyons, friends, family and good times.

Mike Schultz


Mike grew up in a mountain town on the front range of Colorado. He is an avid mountain biker, fisherman, canyoneer, backpacker, and lives a life geared toward playing outside as much as possible. He has a broad professional background which include careers in finance and real estate, project management for a steel company, and working at Aspen Snowmass to ensure he was on skis or in the saddle every day of the week. Mike spends most his desert free time riding bikes so if you may see him on the trails or sipping a post-ride recovery beer, feel free to stop and say hi.