What a year.

Or really just a few months...

Before this past May, Slot was just a concept. An idea we thought had some legs and product that we knew would help push the industry forward. We left our established industry jobs and went all in to try and make this thing go.

We loved hearing from you all too. Your positive reviews and emails have been awesome to read, and your feedback and suggestions have been super helpful for us when we talk future gear.

We are also stoked to have partnered up with some great retailers. We wanted to partner with core shops that we'd like to go to ourselves for gear advice and local beta. Go check these guys out to see our packs in person talk gear.

The support and enthusiasm for our gear so far has been awesome, and this is just the beginning. We are continuing to push ourselves and the brand to provide quality, purpose-built gear for the desert and everyone who enjoys it, and we have some good stuff coming for ’23 and beyond.

So thank you, the early adopters, guides, desert rats, and everyone else who made this year possible. We’ve had a lot of fun and we really hope our gear has provided some fun to you too. If so, we want to hear about it! Send us your photos and adventure stories. We’ll post them in our Desert Journal and on social. But most importantly, we just like seeing what you get up to with our gear. Let us know what desert product you want to see and keep the feedback coming.

See you out there!

- Ben, Dave, and Mike